Lake Vostok Workshop

Lake Vostok Workshop

The goal of the workshop was to stimulate discussion within the U.S. science community on Lake Vostok, specifically addressing the question: “Is Lake Vostok a natural curiosity or an opportunity for uniquely posed interdisciplinary scientific programs?” The workshop was designed to outline an interdisciplinary science plan for studies of the lake. ADGRAV - Antarctic Digital Gravity Synthesis This project developed an on-line Antarctic gravity database which facilitated access to improved high resolution satellite gravity models, in conjunction with shipboard, airborne, and land-based gravity measurements for the continental regions.

LAKE VOSTOK : A Curiosity or a Focus for Interdisciplinary Study

U.S. National Science Foundation

Sponsored Workshop


Robin E. Bell, Columbia University

David M. Karl, University of Hawaii

September 7 - 8, 1998

Washington, DC