Ongoing Projects


Development Of An Ice Imaging System For Monitoring Changing Ice Sheets Mounted On The NYANG LC-130 This project will develop an integrated ice imaging system capable of measuring in detail both the ice surface and the ice bed. The icePod system will be installed and operated on New York Air National Guard LC-130 aircraft during routine and targeted missions across Antarctica and Greenland as a shared community research facility providing data to scientists and educators globally.

Completed Projects


Exploring The Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains In Antarctica During The International Polar Year The combined projects under the AGAP partnership are multi-national and multi-disciplinary and include aerogeophysics, traverse programs, passive seismic experiments and ice core and bedrock drilling.


Gamburtsev Aerogeophysical Mapping Of Bedrock And Ice Targets Using geophysical instruments, GAMBIT will peal back more than 600 meters of ice to explore the last hidden mountain range on Earth. The project will complete a gravity, magnetics, and radar study to advance our understanding of the origin and evolution of the polar ice sheets and subglacial lakes; define the crustal architecture of East Antarctica, a key question in the earth's history; and locate the oldest ice in East Antarctica, which may ultimately help find ancient climate records.

Operation IceBridge

Bridging the Gap: Measuring the Changing Poles Working with NASA and other IceBridge partners, we will be using high resolution gravity technology to collect data on the space and volume that lies between the ice tongues and the bedrock of Greenland and Antarctica.

Lake Vostok Workshop

The goal of the workshop was to stimulate discussion within the U.S. science community on Lake Vostok, specifically addressing the question: “Is Lake Vostok a natural curiosity or an opportunity for uniquely posed interdisciplinary scientific programs?” The workshop was designed to outline an interdisciplinary science plan for studies of the lake. ADGRAV - Antarctic Digital Gravity Synthesis This project developed an on-line Antarctic gravity database which facilitated access to improved high resolution satellite gravity models, in conjunction with shipboard, airborne, and land-based gravity measurements for the continental regions.


The compilation provided an important new tool to the Antarctic Earth science community, from the geologist needing to place field observations in a regional context to the seismologist studying continental scale mantle structure. West Antarctic Ice Sheet Airborne Gravimetry This project was in collaboration with the Institute for Geophysics of the University of Texas at Austin.

Aerogeophysical Research (SOAR)

Airborne geophysical surveys within this program were carried out by the Support Office for a National Science Foundation facility of the Office of Polar Programs located at the University of Texas. Funding for this project was provided by the US National Science Foundation. Enable Frontend Builder