LiDAR Elevation Data (Level 1)

Level 1 LiDAR surface elevation contains data in swath and center line formats in the following folders:

/AGAP/ Datalevel_1/LIDAR/SWATH


This folder is divided into a number of subfolders according to survey lines. The survey lines have the following naming convention:

Centerline data:
fl### Flight lines arranged according to flight numbers. ‘a’ and ‘b’ refer to the two segments of flightlines. Together, they form one complete flight line to and from Dome A and AGAP South camp. This data is a profile along the center of the swath data and does not necessarily represent the nadir points.

The centerline data are provided in excel spreadsheets that have the following variable:

Variable Description
X Lambert Conformal Conic X axis in km
Y Lambert Conformal Conic Y axis in km
Elev Ellipsoidal elevation (m)
Lat WGS84 coordinate
Lon WGS84 coordinate
Flight number Flight number

Swath data set:

These are arranged in directories that follow the naming convention of the flightlines. Each file is a 10 minutes segment of the entire flightline. These are matlab files that contain the swath data.
The naming convention follows:



Warning: These are ellipsoidal elevation data, user will have to correct for the geoid to get the actual elevation.

The variables in each of the file segments are:

Variable Description
ConversionInfo2DD This contains information about the lidar parameters that were set for recording the data. 2DD files are the lidar raw data files.
ConversionInfoSGL Sanders Geophysics processed the GPS files provided with this data set. The GPS informations are provided in this variable.
ProcessingInfo Information about the calibration coefficients used to process the dataset.
Intensity Intensity
Pc_elevation Ellipsoidal elevation
Pc_latitude Latitude in WGS84
Pc_longitude Longitude in WGS84

The other variables are intermediate variables from processing.

Please note: The GPS files to be used is located in: