LDEO Ice Thickness Picks (Level 2)

Level 1 data includes 1D-SAR migrated RADAR. These data are preliminary and subject to revision as further processing is performed. These data have been decimated horizontally. The picking was done with a hybrid manual-automatic system on the rising edge of the bed return and the output has been smoothed at 60 m.

The data are hosted on the following folders:


This directory contains two sub-directories: one containing a consolidated point shapefile  with all the picks, and one containing one point shapefile for each flight line. Also included are two consolidated text files: (1) a Geosoft XYZ file, and (2) a comma separated values  (CSV) file. Each file contains the following variables:

UPSY Universal Polar Stereographic South in meters
UPSX Universal Polar Stereographic South in meters
LAT Latitude in decimal degrees
LON Longitude in decimal degrees
FLIGHTELEV Elevation of the aircraft relative with WGS-84, in meters.
SURFELEV Elevation of the ice surface, in meters. Value is derived from interpolation of the Bamber DEM.
ICETHICK Ice thickness of the bed return, in meters. Data were picked on horizontally decimated (10x) data and then interpolated back onto the present data, which has full horizontal resolution.
BEDBRIGHT1 Raw received power from the bed return (dB). Note that although the picking was done on horizontally decimated data, “BEDBRIGHT1” was determined from the present data, which have full horizontal resolution.
BEDBRIGHT2 BEDBRIGHT1 corrected for geometric spreading assuming spreading scales with the inverse squared power of the range.
LAMX Lambert Conformal Conic, in meters
LAMY Lambert Conformal Conic, in meters
Cross-over errors of the ice thickness picks

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